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Welcome to my redesigned and refreshed website! Enjoy your stay and feel free to browse my website and see if there's any service or product that might be suitable for your needs.

I frequently get the question "what is radionics?" and I always try to explain, despite being tired or repeating the same things, what is the field I'm working in. So, to have all the questions answered with nothing hopefully left out and to be of service (to answer) immediately because I know how limited time most of the people have, I have gathered the questions I had so far and the answers on what radionics are. Hopefuly it'll give you a broad image and a better understanding of what is this field and moreover show you what radionics have to offer you in many aspects of your life or how can they help you.

Many people ask me about manifesting. Manifesting a wish, their desires. Some succeed and some don't. Why? What is that about? I've got you some answers and I hope they'll help you get an idea on how manifesting works and more importantly how you can do it or how can you do it better!


Find products like radionic devices that will help you manifest your desires. The radionic devices that you will see in here are only some of the many I've built for clients. All are custom made under the clients' instructions.


Find spiritual services that will help you in your everyday life in many ways.


Learn about who I am and my work ethics.


Read the answers to the most frequently asked question before you contact me.


Read about what the other customers have to say about my services. Please note that all names are redacted and many other testimonials are not being published as per the customers' request.

Katerina A., Greece

I'm sorry I didn't email you sooner, Magus, but it's your fault actually. I ord...

Katie K., New Zealand

I was surfing the internet and came across your website and ohhh I'm so glad that...

Fernanda L., Brazil

Magus thank you! I founded the love of my life! He's the one I searching! Thank youuuu!!!

Claude J., France

Magus! Vous avez sauve mon mariage! Vous etes magnifique! Merci beaucoup!

P. T., Greece

I ordered a spell for a job (which I found, but I don't really like), a spell for my ...

Fritz G., Germany

Sag was? Dass du bist unglaublich! Naturlich bist du, du bist der beste! Ich habe mich von ...

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